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  Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Buying Guide

Purchase in confidence!

There are several advantages in retaining the services of a real estate agent for the purchase of a property. Finding a competent agent represents one half of the job. We encourage you to obtain references from your parents, friends or work colleagues to make a good choice. Working with a competent and experienced professional will help to avoid the hassles of the purchase.

Looking to purchase?

More than a day is required to find your dream home. A real estate agent can find the ideal home corresponding to your expectations:

  • Establishing a realtionship of confidence
  • Showing proof of integrity, loyalty and respect
  • Sharing his or her know – how and experience
  • Having a flexible schedule to accomodate you
  • Determining you real needs
  • Establishing your search criterion
  • Conducting a search for a property
  • Provinding information on properties available on the market
  • Informing you of the different steps of the purchase process
  • Negotiating the terms with other parties involved in the transaction
  • Being honest, just and fair in the negotiations
  • Respecting the confidential nature of the transactions
  • Guiding you towards the appropriate resources person (financial institution, inspector, appraiser, surveyor, lawyer)
  • Provinding a reassuring follow-up for each step of the purchase process
  • Advising you of the possible costs to complete the transaction

As a purchaser, you must cooperate with your real estate agent to locate the appropriate home, this being the key element in the purchase process. Be as precise as possible an what your needs and dislikes are. Inform the agent as to what is important to you while keeping an open mind towards new suggestions.

Finally, be aware that the services provided are FREE.

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