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  Tuesday, January 28, 2020
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Buying Guide

Main House Styles

Bungalow: A house consisting a single level of living area.

Split level: A house having livable area on several levels.

Split entry: A bungalow with the main entrance placed in between the ground floor and the basement. There are some steps to go up and some steps to go down.

1 ½ story: A house having a second level with a sloping roof that reduces the livable area, this area is smaller than the area on the ground floor.

2 story: Consists of two levels generally having the same area as the ground level.

2 ½ story: A two story house with a third story built into sloping roof. Usually found in older homes and was used to house servants of for storage.

Semi-detached: Consisting of one half or side of a house. There is a separate property title for each half of the house.

Duplex: A property with two units side by side or superimposed.

Mobile home: A rectangular home built with a sheet metal chassis on a steel frame.

Mini-home: Small modular single section home designs on a one level house.

Condominium: The difference between a condominium and an apartment is in the form of ownership with each unit having a distinct ownership title while use and access of common areas are shared by all the co-owners (corridors, structures, parking, landscaping). Living under joint ownership allows you to benefit from less maintenance, however by being the owner of an apartment you have to submit to the rules established by the board of directors of the joint property.

A-Frame: The A-Frame home plan is considered the classic vacation home. The A-Frame home has been cast in the role of a "getaway" place for a number of good reasons. First, the steep pitch or triangular shape of the A-Frame's roof is undaunted by the weight of heavy snowfall. Second, the upper floor plan can be either used as a sleeping loft or for storage space. And finally, exterior maintenance of an A-Frame style home is generally limited to its front and rear, since the roof extends nearly to the ground on both sides. This allows more time to enjoy the home.

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